Defending Yourself When Facing A DUI Charge

Operating an automobile on public roads is an immense responsibility as these vehicles can be extremely dangerous to operate. Unfortunately, there are many individuals that will find that they are charged with potentially serious criminal charges as a result of breaking some of the laws that govern this activity. In particular, driving under the influence is one of the most common and serious charges that a person may face as a result of operating a vehicle while they are intoxicated.

Can A DUI Apply To Substances Other Than Alcohol?

It is often assumed that a DUI charge will always stem from a person drinking too much alcohol before they drive. However, it is possible for a person to become too intoxicated to operate a vehicle from a variety of sources. In particular, it can be common for many medications to have side effects that will impair a person's reaction speed or decision making enough to make them incapable of legally operating a vehicle. As a result of this threat, individuals should always thoroughly review and following the warning labels on their medication concerning these types of side effects. Otherwise, they could find themselves facing a criminal charge for operating a vehicle while impaired.

What Could Happen If You Are Found To Be Guilty?

A conviction for a DUI charge is not something that a person should take lightly. The consequences for this type of conviction can be extremely severe as they can carry a range of penalties that can range from heavy fines to jail sentences. Furthermore, most people will find that they may lose their license on either a temporary or even permanent basis. Due to these severe potential consequences, a person should always treat this type of charge as a serious threat. Otherwise, they may find themselves surprised by the severity of the penalties that they could face.

When Should A Person Invest In Hiring A DUI Attorney To Defend Them?

The severe consequences that can follow a DUI conviction will make aggressive action by the defendant necessary. As a result, it can be wise to contact a DUI attorney for representation as soon as possible. Ideally, this should occur before the defendant is questioned as they will have a legal right to counsel during questioning. In addition to actively defending and representing you during the legal proceedings that this charge will involve, these professionals can also help with negotiating with prosecutors to potentially lower the penalties or charges that you may be facing.

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