The Difference Between Temporary And Permanent Living Arrangements In Divorce

A divorce requires a lot of decisions and agreements, and it may also entail a lot of negotiating to determine the solutions for each issue. One issue you must agree on is your living arrangements, and there are two different types of agreements related to this one issue. First, you must decide on your temporary living arrangements. After that, you must agree with your permanent living arrangements. Here are several things to know about both of these.

The Timing of Each

Each agreement is essential in a divorce, but each takes place at a different time. The temporary living arrangements you make must occur at the onset of your case. You must decide on this issue shortly after filing the divorce documents. A preliminary hearing for divorce takes place within a few weeks of filing the documents, and you must agree by this date. The permanent living arrangement plan you make is something you will do later in the process. You must complete it by the end of the divorce case, which means you have time to figure this out. Your lawyer will assist you with understanding more about the timing of each.

The Purpose and Details of a Temporary Living Agreement

A temporary living agreement is an arrangement you make with your spouse to follow while you are working on the divorce case. It is not a permanent arrangement, but it is still essential during this time. The purpose of it is to guide the spouses with their responsibilities and roles while the divorce case is open. You should try to find a mutual agreement with your spouse for this issue before your preliminary hearing. If you do not have a mutual agreement, the judge will decide for you. Your lawyer will work with your spouse's lawyer to reach an agreement.

The Purpose and Details of a Permanent Living Agreement

The purpose of a permanent living agreement is to provide you both with a solution for splitting the house, the assets, and the kids. The permanent agreement is a court order that becomes part of your divorce decree. It guides you both with your responsibilities after the divorce by indicating which spouse gets the house. It may take months for you to create a permanent living arrangement that you both agree upon, but it is an issue that is vital with a divorce case.

Both agreements are essential in most divorce cases. You can talk to your divorce lawyer if you have questions about these issues or others.

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