How Permanent Work Restrictions Can Affect Your SSDI Benefits

When you are applying for SSDI, the SSA will receive your medical reports and this can be used to determine if you should be qualified for SSDI. However, your injuries might not be enough to prove that you should receive SSDI benefits. The information that your doctor provides does not include information regarding your ability to work. However, your treating physician can indicate that you are unable to work by putting these restrictions in writing.

Understanding Permanent Work Restrictions

When you will be coming back to work after you have been injured, you will obtain a Physician Progress Report. This report will include work restrictions that you will be placed under. For example, you may be restricted in how much weight you can lift. These restrictions are put in place to make sure that you do not put too much strain on your body.

Your employer may be forced to relocate you and would be allowed to pay you a lower wage. However, your employer is also allowed to let you go if she is not able to make accommodations. After you have been let go, you may not be able to work. Or, you may not be able to work full-time and earn substantial gainful employment. 

If you are not able to earn enough money, you may be able to qualify for SSDI. However, you will need to use your work restrictions as proof that you are not able to work. If the SSA is skeptical of whether you can work, it's important to speak with a social security attorney.

The Importance of an SSDI Attorney

An attorney will make sure that the evidence you present to the SSA is complete. You will also need an attorney to assist you if you will be presenting your case in front of an administrative law judge. You may believe that you cannot afford an SSDI attorney but attorneys are only allowed to charge you if they successfully win your case. Then, they will receive a portion of the benefits you were awarded.

The number of SSDI applicants who are approved on the first try is larger for those who seek help from an attorney VS. those who don't. However, the majority of cases still require that you must attend a hearing. If you have an attorney assisting you throughout this process, your life will be much easier and your claims will be more likely to be accepted.

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