The Top 3 Questions To Ask Your Criminal Defense Attorney

Are you facing charges and needing an attorney? Find a criminal defense lawyer with a good track record and then consult with them to ask various questions about the different charges. Whether you have some involvement in the crime or none at all, the legal professional hired by you will represent you and put up a fight for you.

What Do the Charges Mean?

People get charged with all kinds of things, but they do not always understand the meaning behind the list of charges they face. If you know that you were arrested and charged with criminal activity, but the list of charges contains information that does not make sense to you, ask your criminal defense lawyer about it. The lawyer will go through each charge against you to tell you what the prosecution believes you did and what the consequences typically are for those who get convicted of such crimes.

How Long Would It Take to Go to Court?

You might wonder how long it will take for you to finally go to court and have your say where you can testify and tell your version of the events that happened. Unfortunately, the case's length depends on multiple factors, including cooperating witnesses, new discoveries, and courtroom delays for unspecified reasons. You may need to attend court hearings with your criminal defense attorney once every so often while the case is ongoing. Regardless of exactly how long it takes to reach a deal or go to trial, the lawyer will keep you up-to-date on everything, making sure you are fully prepared for court when the time comes.

What Is the Right Defense Strategy to Use?

A lot of work goes into developing the right defense for a client. You can ask about the specific defense strategy that your criminal defense lawyer plans on using for you. It may involve using an alibi to prove that there was absolutely no way for you to have committed certain crimes based on a detailed timeline. If there is no alibi, the lawyer can take a different strategic approach, which may involve questioning the authenticity of the claims against you. Discuss your lawyer's strategy to better understand what they plan to do to help you with your legal woes.

When facing some serious criminal charges, meet with a criminal defense attorney, provide the details of your case, and then ask these crucial questions to understand how things will go clearly. No matter what you may or may not have done, your lawyer is specifically there to help you.

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