Can You Be Charged Because Of Something You Posted Online?

While the internet is a fantastic tool for work, sharing, and communicating with others, it can also pose some problems as well. In fact, you could even face criminal charges based on something you posted online.

Are you concerned about something you posted online or are accused of posting? These are some things that could get you in trouble.

You Can Be Charged With Threats

You may be charged with making threats against a person or place. Threats are not considered free speech on the Internet, just as they are not considered free speech in person. For example, you could be charged with a crime if you posted on an online forum telling somebody you were going to hunt them down and hurt them. While hate speech is a protected form of speech, threats involving hate speech are not.

You Can Be Charged for Posting Revenge Porn

Revenge porn is a form of sexual harassment that you can be accused of posting in retaliation against somebody else, perhaps an ex-spouse or romantic partner. It is against the law to post sexual content featuring another individual without their permission. Doing so can be a serious crime.

You Can Be Charged for Doxxing

Doxxing somebody, or releasing their private information online, is dangerous and illegal. Posting information like somebody else's full name, address, or phone number is against the law and can be construed as a threat.

You Can Be Charged With Harassment

If you are accused of harassing somebody, it could mean that you are accused of following somebody around the internet or posting on social media in an attempt to intimidate or bully somebody. Relentless harassment can also extend to sending messages that are cruel or mean in nature.

You Can Be Charged After Posting Criminal Activity Online

If you post about your own criminal activity online, it can be traced back to you. You could be charged with an offense like shoplifting, for example, if you post a picture of yourself with stolen merchandise and brag that you shoplifted it. You could be charged with the theft, even if you were not caught at the scene.

Regardless of what you did or did not post on the web, it is important that you speak with an attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney will defend you in court, helping you avoid a conviction for something you did not do.

Contact a local criminal defense lawyer to learn more about your options.

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