DUI Attorney: Negotiating For Leniency

Even good drivers make mistakes. If you're cited for a DUI, you've made a serious mistake. However, it doesn't mean that all your years of good driving should be erased.

Here are some of the ways that a DUI lawyer can help you argue for leniency in court.

History Matters

The majority of DUI citations are written for drivers with multiple moving vehicle infractions. These recidivists are one of the reasons why DUI penalties are so punitive.

Education over Punishment

If this is the first time you've been cited for a DUI, and you have a clean driving record, your lawyer can petition the court for education in exchange for reduced financial punishments and driving restrictions. For instance, instead of paying a large financial penalty, you might be able to pay less if you agree to attend drunk driving education courses. Your DUI lawyer can also ask for you to take random drug and alcohol tests instead of revoking your license for an extended period.

Probation over Restrictions

In some states, a DUI citation can carry severe restrictions. For instance, you might need to pay for a breathalyzer ignition system or limit when/where you can drive. If you don't have a history of dangerous driving, your DUI lawyers can negotiate an extended probation period in exchange for fewer driving restrictions. This means that if you're cited for another DUI and/or a serious moving violation, you may suffer significant financial and criminal penalties. If you can drive safely during this period, however, you can incur fewer immediate restrictions. This trade-off incentivizes you to drive safely and punishes you for becoming a recidivist.

Pleading Down

Because you're a first-time offender and have a clean driving history, the courts want to find a cost-effective way to punish you for your mistake, without destroying your future.

Reckless Driving

In cases involving low blood alcohol levels (BACs), your DUI lawyer can sometimes take a plea bargain for the lesser charge of reckless driving. In order for your DUI lawyer to make this deal, you might need to write a letter to the courts. In your letter, you need to own your mistake and take responsibility for preventing a similar mistake from happening in the future. Your DUI lawyer can help you draft the letter and submit it to the district attorney. The earlier you're able to make this plea, the more likely the courts will be receptive to making the deal.

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