Don't Apply For Disability Benefits Assistance Without An Attorney

Did you recently suffer an injury or go through an illness that has left you disabled in some way? If you are no longer able to earn a living in the way you did before your health took a turn for the worse, you may be able to apply for benefits through the government. But getting approved for a regular payout is not guaranteed, especially if you don't have previous experience with filing for disability benefits. For best results, it's a good idea to hire an attorney who can provide disability benefits assistance prior to your first application. Here's how having an experienced attorney on your side from the outset can benefit you.

An Attorney Understands the Application Process

When applying for disability benefits, you'll have to deal with a lot of paperwork. You might need to round up all of your medical records and financial information. You may also have to fill out specific forms in a specific way. It is possible to get your first application declined not because you are not worthy of benefits but because you made a clerical error on a form or maybe you forgot to file a specific form entirely. When you hire an attorney who fully understands the application process, you'll significantly increase the chances of getting approved on the first try because you won't make any rookie mistakes on the paperwork.

An Attorney Can Push for Updates and Cut Through Red Tape

Sending in the application is the first step, but then comes the waiting game. Things can move slowly and if you feel that an inordinate amount of time has passed since your application was sent in, an attorney can help you get a resolution. Your attorney can reach out for updates on your behalf. While the government is going to work at its own pace, sometimes just getting contacted by an attorney might get things moving again if there's been a snag in the application process somewhere.

Hiring an Attorney Before You Apply Will Prepare You to Appeal Immediately If Necessary

Having legal representation from the beginning can help you get approved on the first try, but will also prepare you to respond quickly if for some reason your first application does get declined. This is because your attorney will already be familiar with your case and there won't need to be much discussion or review before filing the appeal. Some disability attorneys even start preparing the paperwork for appeal while the first application is pending, just in case. This means you'll be able to respond immediately and get your benefits more quickly once your appeal is successful.

For more info, contact an attorney.

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