An Overview Of Dooring Accidents

A dooring accident occurs if a car's occupant opens the car door and causes a cyclist or motorcyclist's crash. Below are some things you should know about dooring accidents and their claims.

Forms of Dooring Accidents

Dooring accidents occur in two main ways. First, a cyclist or motorcyclist can crash directly into the open car door. Secondly, the cyclist might crash to the ground or into other road users if they swerve at the last minute to avoid hitting the car door. In either case, the rider or cyclist might suffer fractures, lacerations, and head injuries, among others.

Cause and Risk Factors

Dooring accidents mostly occur if a car occupant opens the door without looking. However, the following factors increase such accidents risks:


Phones, passengers, and even thoughts can distract someone and cause them not to consider their surroundings before opening a car's door. In such a case, a cyclist approaching the car might not have enough time to avoid hitting the door.

Poor Visibility

Poor visibility, coupled with the relatively small sizes of motorcycles and bicycles, means that car occupants do not always spot them in time. Smoke, dust, or fog can easily hide a motorcyclist from view. A fast-moving motorcyclist can easily hit the door before anyone can do anything to avoid the crash.

Congestion and Absence of Bike Lanes

Many cities and towns are congested and lack dedicated bike lanes. Cyclists and motorcyclists have to share lanes with cars in such areas. A cyclist can easily crash into the door if a motorist stops and opens the car door without pulling off the road (perhaps because of inadequate space).


In any accident, the person whose actions or inactions cause the accident is liable for the damages. The liability is even clearer if the person knew or should have known that their negligence would harm others.

Many states have laws requiring vehicle occupants to open car doors only when sure they won't interfere with traffic movement. The requirement means a car occupant must confirm no one is approaching the car before opening the door. The occupant should also close the car door within a reasonable period after opening it. Otherwise, the occupant is liable for the ensuing accident.

You must prove every aspect of your claim to get your deserved compensation. You can use medical records, eyewitness testimony, police report, and accident pictures as evidence. For more information, contact a personal injury attorney near you.

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